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After suffering from a major loss Sylvia’s world suddenly turned upside down. She found herself in a place she never thought she’d be…alone, in the dark, hiding in a corner. She felt abandoned and broken into a million pieces. Realizing the loss triggered issues she had all along, she set out on a journey to deal with the issues and find the healing she so desperately needed.


Knowing that others may have similar issues and need healing as well, she decided to make her journey public through blogs and inspirational posts on social media. 


Through her collection of writings, come along with Sylvia on her journey, as she tries to get out of the darkness and into the light. All while finding her way to “A Healing Heart.”


                                                 Click the link below to see the trailer for "A Healing Heart"




After a failed marriage, Simone was determined to make it on her own rather than run to her somewhat supportive family , with two kids in tow.


While overcoming financial struggles, loneliness, self-doubt and finding her truth along the way, Simone became the woman she knew she could be one day,  


Next step. Fall in love.


Simone thought she was ready for what love had to offer.  That was until she found love where she least expected.

Charles was all Simone ever wanted, needed and more than she could ever dream. But is Simone truly ready for love? Is she ready to sacrifice who she has grown into for who she could become? Will Charles be willing to wait for her to completely love him or will Simone’s layers of distrust and pain resurface to keep her from the type of love that filled her dreams?

Come along with Simone and Charles as they navigate their way through the ups and downs of a sexy, passionate and sometimes heated second chance at romance.


Click the link below to see the trailer for Till We Meet Again

“Powerful…this touched me so profoundly…Thank you for using your God given gift to help others with their healing process.”


                              -Charlotte G.


No nonsense Diane Dupree, a successful Pediatrician, thought she had it all together. That is until she had to make a quick return home to accept a generous gift for her clinic. But an "in the bag" hearing showed her that things were nothing as they had seemed. Including handsome & successful Attorney, Medina. He was determined to get in her way at every turn. 

Diane now had to stay home longer than planned , forcing her to face her family's painful past & to accept that thanks to her new, "wicked" stepmother, home would never be the same again. 


Follow Diane through legal battles and self reflection. Learn what makes her tick and her struggle to find that "When I Say Forever" love that she sees in others all around her. 


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