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“With every line, word, phrase, or name you encounter as you read, you will be able to feel the passion Sylvia has placed on every page of this book.”

-Chanelle A. Watson, Author

Till We Meet Again

After healing from a terrible marriage & divorce, overcoming self-doubt, raising her sons as a single parent, and finding her truth along the way, Simone Cameron thought she was ready for what love had to offer. That was until she found love where she least expect it.


Charles was all Simone ever wanted, needed and more than she could ever dream. But is Simone truly ready for love? Is she ready to sacrifice who she has grown into for who she could become? Will Charles be willing to wait for her to completely love him or will Simone’s layers of distrust and pain resurface to keep her from the love she thought she was ready for?

Till We Meet Again will keep you on the edge of your seat with life lessons, twists, turns and the desire to love past your limits. Journey with Simone and see if she is able to truly let love in or if she built her wall of protection so solid that no one, not even the love of Charles, can tear it down.

Read an Excerpt

“Which floor?” I asked not looking up and pressing the button to the 2nd floor in order to go to my office.


“Third please,” the smooth baritone voice said.


I pressed the button for the third floor and looked in the direction of the baritone voice. Standing there was a handsome middle-aged man with a caramel complexion, a neatly trimmed mustache, goatee, and short curly hair, all with a touch of gray. He had full kissable lips and perfect white teeth. His tall, medium frame certainly knew how to wear that Armani suit.


When he smiled at me I realized I had been staring. Embarrassed, I was just glad my tongue wasn’t hanging out.

“Good morning,” I said checking my posture, giving a smile and hoping the garlic I had last night wasn’t introducing itself as well.


“Good morning to you,” he said. There was a brief silence. “Do you know where the ‘Harrison Room’ is located?”


“Uh, yes, when you get off the elevator make a right, go down the hallway, it’s the second conference room on your left.”


The elevator stopped at the second floor. Hesitating I went through the doors and looked back over my shoulder at the elevator occupant.


“Thank you. Have a wonderful day,” he said smiling as the doors closed.


I don’t remember the elevators ever moving that quickly. Stupid things.


Walking through the glass doors of my Compliance Department and into my office I mentally slapped the side of my head. What an idiot! I stared at that man as if it was the first time I saw anyone from the male species. He wasn’t an Adonis but there was something about him…something about the way he carried himself. And that cologne he wore….  “He must think I’m a desperate, middle aged woman,” I mumbled to myself. Well I wasn’t…was I?


Sitting at my computer I tried to erase my brain of any memory of the embarrassing moment. Just then the reminder on “Outlook” rang notifying me I had a meeting in fifteen minutes. I clicked on the reminder and froze. It was for a meeting on the third floor. In the “Harrison Room.” I had forgotten that quickly. There was a workshop for all the Risk and Compliance Officers in the Firm here at the White Plains Headquarters…That guy would be there. The embarrassment was going to last all day. “Oh great!” I mumbled to myself…


….I pulled a compact out of my top drawer, checked my makeup, reapplied my lipstick, brushed a hand over my shoulder length hair, smoothed down the skirt of my Brooks Brothers suit, and stood up with my head held high. At least I would look like an attractive, desperate middle-aged woman. I grabbed a mint from the candy dish on my desk; just in case.

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